December 14, 2021

I Built Jake Paul Worlds Largest Boxing Gloves!

Matthew Beem
In this video I built the world's largest real life boxing gloves to surprise @Jake Paul and help him knock out Tyron Woodley! They turned out incredible so I hope you enjoy as much as he did! Check out my first merch drop! ► SUBSCRIBE for a chance at $1,000 ► Subscribe to @BenWillingdorf! ► NEW VIDEOS EVERY TUESDAY! 📱 FOLLOW MY SOCIALS 📱 ➽ Instagram - @Mbeem10 ➽ Twitter - @Mbeem10 ➽ SnapChat - @Mbeem10 ➽ TikTok - @Mbeem10 I have a history of building the biggest projects on YouTube for the Beem Team. I've built giant cereal bowls, IRL Spongebob's house, and even a giant Squid Game robot doll for MrBeast. But I've never made anything with a knockout punch. That's why I decided to make Jake Paul the world's largest boxing gloves in the lead up to his fight against Tyron Woodley (previously Tommy Fury)! This project was way more difficult than we imagined - FYI sewing giant boxing gloves is harder than it looks. Nonetheless, eventually we figured it out and drove them across the country to Tampa Bay, Florida to surprise Jake Paul before his fight. His reaction was incredible and as an added bonus we made the boxing gloves into couches so that Tyron has somewhere to sleep after Jake knocks him out. This was insane and super intense to make, but we had lots of laughs along the way. I love making these videos and can't wait for you to see what is next. If you’re reading this you’re a real one! Comment ‘’It's Everyday Bro!" so I can notice you! Not Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson, But Jake Paul vs Ben Askren, But Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury, But Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley, But Sneaking Into FIGHT, But I Boxed Jake Paul, But Fight Highlights, But Face 2 Face, But Every Day Bro, But 23, But Fresh Outta London or any other video like Jake Paul, Logan Paul, MoreJStu, Stokes Twins, Unspeakable, Dangie Bros, Ryan Prunty, Ben Azelart, Faze Rug, or Airrack would make. This is a video where Matthew Beem (aka MBeem10) built Jake Paul the world's largest boxing gloves before his rematch with Tyron Woodley in Tampa Bay, Florida!
a man has his hands open and is getting ready to punch a punching glove with his hand while the man stands behind him on an elevated grassy area where
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