December 13, 2021

How Solana is Building the Future of Finance

John Coogan
Seriously not financial advice! This video is just meant to tell an interesting story about a deeply technical founder who's solving hard problems. The crypto markets are crazy and I have zero interest in trading. Be careful out there! Join my community at (enter your email) KEY SOURCES: Proof of History video: Solana Whitepaper: Solana Blog: ABOUT JOHN COOGAN: I am the co-founder of and, both of which were funded by Y Combinator (Summer 2012 and Winter 2018). I've been an entrepreneur for the last decade across multiple companies. I've done a lot of work in Silicon Valley, so that's mostly what I talk about. I've raised over 10 rounds of venture capital totaling over $100m in funding. I work mostly in tech-enabled consumer packaged goods, meaning I use software to make the best products possible and then deliver them to the widest possible audience. I'm a big fan of machine learning, python programming, and motion graphics. OTHER VIDEOS: Why Facebook is Spending Billions on the Metaverse - The Only Reason SpaceX Works (Gwynne Shotwell) - Peter Thiel’s Big Bet on Space Manufacturing - CONTACT: You can get in touch with me via Twitter: Disclaimer: This video is purely my opinion and should not be regarded as a primary source. I am not a financial advisor and this is not a recommendation to buy or sell securities. Always do your own due diligence.
a man is smiling for the camera with his face covered in purple and blue circles behind him is a circular graphic saying solana the unto story
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